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Environmental Practices

Truckee River Rafting has become the leader in environmental protection and sustainable practices on the river in Tahoe City. We have implemented many daily and seasonal regimens to help ensure that our precious resources are maintained for future generations to use and enjoy. We understand that the health of the Truckee River corridor is vital to preserving our eco system. Please join us in our efforts to maintain the vitality and beauty of this alpine river. We respect and honor it’s wonder and abundance.

Here's what we're doing as part of our commitment:

We recycle approximately 40,000 pounds of trash from the Truckee River corridor every summer season at our facility. We collect from a combination of all private and public rafters, picnickers, fisherman, bikers and walkers. There is a growing concern over the high level of popped or ripped single use (non-commercial) style inflatables left along side the riverbanks or at our River Ranch takeout area. Each year the amount of waste from inflatables is increasing, straining our landfills and polluting our waterways.

We provide, maintain and empty 25 trash receptacles between our Tahoe City location and River Ranch on a daily basis, twice a day when needed.

Restroom facilities are provided and maintained approximately every mile.

Our staff traverses the river, cleaning shorelines, river bottoms and ponds, for overall river health.

We offer reusable stainless water containers at cost, which is about four dollars, to all guests in our effort to decrease dependence on disposable plastic bottles. We have a water station in our store for free fill ups.

Our restrooms at our launch area store are waterless and low-flow facilities, saving approximately 60,000 gallons of fresh water annually. We feature high efficiency, paper-free hand air-drying in our store restroom instead of wasteful paper products.

Free reusable picnic coolers are available to rent at our rafting store. We do not allow styrofoam coolers on the river.

We use solar and energy efficient lighting at our rafting store.

Our stream bank restoration fund helps to re-vegetate areas of erosion and over use. Truckee River Restoration Fund (TRRF), began in 2009 by Truckee River Rafting and funded by donations primarily from our teams’ recycling department. 100% of the proceeds go to re-vegetation and “sensitive area" awareness programs.

As a member of the American Rivers nonprofit organization, we support efforts to bring awareness to endangered rivers across the United States.

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